Secret Life of a Stationary Addict

For those of you who live in the United States you may not know that among cafe culture present in parts of Europe there is also a huge presence of stationary stores.

During a backpacking trip through Eastern Europe I went into every store I could find. I ended up bringing home a bag full of stationary and no clothes. What can I say I knew my priorities and I don’t regret it. However, this is exactly how my stationary addiction began.

My stationary addiction was perfect because it promoted a planner and writer lifestyle while still satisfying my ever growing desire to collect art supplies. I may not be addicted to buying pens and notebook anymore but that doesn’t mean I don’t love all the supplies I have.

In the new year I hope to reignite the planner/writer passion in addition to my current interest in penpalling. This way I can organize my life, my room, and my projects.

I justified my purchases through my studyblr account and hoping to one day use my products for blogging. Maybe I’ll get lucky and it will all finally pay off. To see more pictures check out my studyblr account @skatergirlstudies

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