We are the Late nights

Every rule of being productive, every blog post and article will tell you to go to bed early. Even your body aches for sleep especially when being pushed to wake up earlier than normal. So, why, you may ask am I awake at 1am on a Thursday morning?

Well to be honest I don’t want to be. I’d rather shove everything off my bed, turn off my lights and crash. But instead I’m up. Surrounded by paper and tv shows to keep me alert. Heres my reason why. Friends.

It’s the same reason I’d give if asked why I’m currently living or what the point to everything is. Waiting til 12 or later is the sacrifice I make regularly to hang out with my friends who have busy work schedules. Why the crazy hours of hanging out don’t exhaust them like they exhaust me, I truly don’t know. But I know my friends are true and worth the baggy eye lids and extra cup of coffee.

No matter how I work to be productive and perfect- I will not sacrifice my late nights.

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