Back to Bullets

As anyone who knows me can attest, I go through… Phases. Other words for it could be obsessions, hobbies, addictions, etc, etc. Now when I go through these phases, they are primarily the only thing that makes me feel joy.

While there have been many phases- one phase I’m going to attempt to return to or at least begin dabbling with again is bullet journals. My style of bullet journal tends to be a mix of scrapbook, diary, and planner. When this was my ‘obsession’ I did daily spreads with todo lists and sometimes even hourly plans written out.

While this may sound obsessive- It was a unique and helpful way of staying organized and having a place to keep all of my thoughts. I hope, by using a planner again I may be able to organize my life and see what I am missing. In addition to this, a planner motivates me to go out and do things so that I have something to write about!

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