20 Things to do Before 20

I see these lists all the time as things people wish they had done or I see them moments before its the new year or new age, when theres nothing I can do but say “Yep, wish I had done that”. So instead of reaching 20 and wishing I had lived life more fully I shall make a list now, 5 months before I’m 20 and see what I can get accomplished!

To start off with: Research. There are hundreds of articles and posts like this so finding some recommendations as to what to include on my list wasn’t too difficult.

Before my teens end, I want to make sure I did the most with it that I could…

Twenty things to do before twenty

  1. Plant a Garden (successfully)
  2. Write in a journal every day untill it runs out
  3. Do yoga every day for a week
  4. Do 10 sit-ups every day for week
  5. Make a hope chest
  6. Take a road trip
  7. Pull an all nighter
  8. Run/ Walk in a race longer than 5k
  9. Learn to code
  10. Stop caring what people think
  11. Go to a music festival
  12. Travel outside the country
  13. Sleep under the stars
  14. Learn to manage your own money
  15. See a Broadway Play
  16. Do something that terrifies you
  17. Learn to cook 3 meals
  18. Travel somewhere on your own
  19. Learn to like tea and sushi
  20. Get drivers license

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